Thursday, May 12, 2011

Dead Ends

Well, I've not updated in awhile, but that's because there's been nothing to update.

I've been kind of concentrating on the family that I have access too and getting that info.

But, I'm not giving up by any means.  I'm just at a point where there's no information to go on.

I'll recap the information that I have so far though.  It never hurts to go over it again.

Lillian Tudor was her birth name.

She was born May 5, 1936.  Her parents names were Marvin Nelson Tudor, Sr. & Mary Frances (Frances M.) Beatty.  My Grandma changed her name apparently throughout the years.  lol

I have her location in 1953 when my Grandfather was killed in a train accident.  Marvin and Lillian were his step-children, but they all lived in Chillicothe, Ohio.

Kelly hasn't responded though to my messages regarding any information about her remembering someone from Kentucky though.  So I'm not considering it a dead end, just a partial one for now.

I really need a new lead, and I don't see one popping up, since this is pretty much the only information that anyone has on Lillian.

But, I shall trudge on!

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